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magnetic flux leakage

MFL floor scanning is a high speed, motorized magnetic flux leakage corrosion detection system capable of inspecting approximately 8000 square feet per shift. The design coupled with the latest magnetic technology has resulted in an easy to operate, accurate, reliable and cost effective inspection tool. The motorized scanner takes all the strain giving you more consistent results and less operator dependency.

how it works

As the scanner passes over a corrosion pit the excess magnetic field is forced out of the plate and is detected by sensors mounted in the centre of the magnet. The signal generated by the sensor is filtered and passes through an alarm circuit. If the signal is greater than the operator controllable alarm threshold, power to the motor is cut automatically the unit stops.

The operator is able to determine the precise defect position by noting which LED´s illuminate. Each LED is numbered and a corresponding number is displayed across the rear of the magnet carriage. Once the auto-stop system has been activated the scanner continues to move forward until the defect is just behind the rear rollers.

This allows the operator to accurately mark the affected area of plate for further examination by an alternative NDT technique (usually ultrasonic wall thickness measurements) to determine corrosion depth. Once the auto-stop has been triggered the scanner will not operate until the operator presses the reset button ensuring that no defect is missed as can be the case with non motorized systems.


news at wis

WIS have implemented and are now accredited to the following: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 45001:2018.

WIS have attended courses and examinations at QSA-Global in Houston, Texas and now have technicians trained and qualified in Servicing & Maintenance of the QSA-Global equipment. WIS also have technicians trained and qualified in Source Retrieval, this entailed the actual retrieval of a live source, which other companies providing this service do not carry out. WIS intend to roll out these services to NDT Contractors nationwide.